• When I was looking at a possible job change you talked with me, and supported me even as both of us were unsure of the path I was pursuing. I’m not sure I would have survived it without your sensitive support. . . . Kathie
  • That first August morning when I shared my shameful secret, you offered warmth and acceptance. I left feeling like I had made a friend from whom I would not need to hide. . . . Jordan
  • Thank you for helping us through the most difficult period of our marriage. Because you helped me me understand the nature of this type of mental illness I have been able to help others. . . . Sharon
  • If anyone ever needed a Spiritual Guide to help sustain her fast dwindling faith, it was I. I thank God that I found that in you. . . . Comfort
  • Your faith is contagious! . . . Verna
  • I not only feel closer to God because of you, but with your help I’ve overcome so much fear, even the fear of speaking in front of people. . . . Cherry
  • You have led me into a deeper awareness of God’s love for me and through me. . . . Joyce
  • You have an inspirational way of keeping the road cleared. . . . Erik
  • A crazy year and you’ve been with me every step of the way. You’ve been my rock and I can’t thank you enough. . . . Rose
  • Thank you for being you . . . and always being there for me. . . . Amie

Index of Materials for Search Committees Interested in Rev. Samuel G. Alexander

Index of Materials for Search Committees Interested in Rev. Samuel G. Alexander

Online PIF in PDF Format

“PIF,” (which stands for “Personal Information Form”), is the Presbyterian version of a resumé. It has a specific form and specific requirements which might seem unusual to those who are not used to it.

A Statement of Faith as a Dual-Citizen of Christianity and World Spirituality

The page offers insights into what I don’t believe, as well as a Statement of Faith coming from a “dual-citizen.” The world’s religious traditions, all from within their own worldview, point the way towards development, growth and union with the Divine. Each has a valuable perspective to share. Each in its own way, points towards what’s true. As I live out my decidedly Christian faith I find that I’m enriched by conversations with those who, from within their tradition, see the value of all faiths as I do.

It’s About the Fear – a Sermon Preached at First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael on Easter 2014

During a time of heightened anxiety in our world, I’m hoping that this sermon is about more than just an “audition;” I hope it proclaims gospel to those who hear it.

Romancing the Samaritan Woman

A sermon offered the Sunday following the “Insurrection” at the capitol on January 6, 2021.

Free Chapters for Rev. Alexander’s Recently Published Book – Evolving Christianity: Life After Faith Crisis

I recently completed work on my first book, Evolving Christianity which I self-published on Amazon. I’ve even sold a few copies :-)!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rev. Samuel G. Alexander
238 Ridgeway Ave.
Fairfax, California 94930
[email protected]

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