• When I was looking at a possible job change you talked with me, and supported me even as both of us were unsure of the path I was pursuing. I’m not sure I would have survived it without your sensitive support. . . . Kathie
  • That first August morning when I shared my shameful secret, you offered warmth and acceptance. I left feeling like I had made a friend from whom I would not need to hide. . . . Jordan
  • Thank you for helping us through the most difficult period of our marriage. Because you helped me me understand the nature of this type of mental illness I have been able to help others. . . . Sharon
  • If anyone ever needed a Spiritual Guide to help sustain her fast dwindling faith, it was I. I thank God that I found that in you. . . . Comfort
  • Your faith is contagious! . . . Verna
  • I not only feel closer to God because of you, but with your help I’ve overcome so much fear, even the fear of speaking in front of people. . . . Cherry
  • You have led me into a deeper awareness of God’s love for me and through me. . . . Joyce
  • You have an inspirational way of keeping the road cleared. . . . Erik
  • A crazy year and you’ve been with me every step of the way. You’ve been my rock and I can’t thank you enough. . . . Rose
  • Thank you for being you . . . and always being there for me. . . . Amie

Breaking Through Your Pain

Breaking Through Your Pain
a coaching program focused on

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5 Minute Explanatory Video:

It’s Keeping Us from Managing Our Pain; Let’s Find Out What It Is

Breaking Through Your Pain is a coaching program for those suffering from persistent pain. The program can be offered individually or in groups. A coach supports and guides a person in addressing a goal or growth edge. A persistent pain patient’s growth edge is generally something like, “I want to manage my pain so that I can live a full life.” Here’s how we will help you address it.

I suffer from persistent pain. Most of us who do, know it is possible to use the same neurological mechanisms that created our pain, to reverse it. Dr. Moskowitz says so; Norman Doidge says so. In fact doctors all over the world use the brain’s neuroplastic ability to address conditions from depression to paralysis. Everyone from guitar teachers to golf swing coaches use the brain’s capacity to retrain itself. We know we can reverse the process that created our pain so that we no longer need to suffer from it. So why don’t we do it? Really, why don’t we do it? Building on the work of Robert Kegan at Harvard University, we’d suggest the answer is simple: each of us has a competing commitment. It’s as though we’ve got one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. Discovering what that is, and addressing it, is the goal of this coaching program.

The competing commitment develops out of what many are calling our False Self. That same false image of the self isolates us, not only one from another, but from the best of who we are created to be. The False Self is fundamentally disconnected from what is true, from the source in what we might call “the love intelligence of the universe,” the evolutionary impulse, or perhaps the “gentle persuasion towards love.” In order to manage our pain, and begin living a full life again, we need to dismantle the patterns of our False Self and live a life sourced in the creative power that calls forth the best of who each person is created to be.

I offer Breaking Through Your Pain to individuals with persistent pain who are currently under a doctor’s care. The service I offer is a supplement to, not a replacement for, medical treatment.

I am NOT a medical professional.

I’m glad to hold pain coaching conversations either in person or on Skype. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Unique Self Coaching Process and Pain

form1Step One: Discover the habits of behavior, the matrix of emotions and limiting beliefs that make up your False Self Pattern, then go to work on dismantling it. The False Self pattern is largely unknown to you because it is so much a part of you, it’s even served you, at least to this point, but the Unique Self Coaching Process helps put it in front of you so you can look at it and have the opportunity to change it.

Step Two: As we dismantle the False Self Pattern, interrupting its ability to sabotage your efforts to manage pain, we begin to explore our connection to source, and realize the fundamental unity of which we are a part. There are more than fourteen ways in; meditation not required. Have youform1 ever looked at the stars until they took your breath away? We could start there.

Step Three: Having come to terms with the fundamental unity of creation, we begin the discovery of how you show up as a unique expression of the love intelligence that has unfolded creation’s evolutionary story from the Big Bang to Shakespeare.

a Twenty Minute Video Explanation of the Process   Contact me for more information.

Transforming the13720540868681379940467 Brain on Pain: Neuroplastic Transformation, a workbook written by Michael H. Moskowitz, MD and Marla D. Golden, DO, is woven into my pain coaching process.


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